About Us

ECG Analysis Technology

Cardionetics is an innovative hardware and software solutions company specialising in providing intelligent systems for diagnostic, monitoring, and screening purposes to help patients and healthcare professionals.

Our mission is to dramatically reduce the burden of cardiovascular disease globally through the development and improvement of diagnostic, monitoring, and screening solutions.

We have a wealth of experience in the development of advanced algorithms for ECG analysis. Our unique patented systems, developed from research initially conducted at Brunel University, use digital signal processing and neural network technology.

Cardionetics is a privately funded company which has been supported by the UK Government through the Department of Trade and Industry and also the British Heart Foundation.

Medical Advisory Board

Cardionetics is very grateful for the work of our advisory board which meets at least annually to give us insight into the changing aspects of clinical knowledge and the developments within the NHS. They also make themselves available individually from time to time to answer questions and offer suggestions. The members of the advisory board are Prof John Camm, Dr John Pettit, Dr Raj Thakkur, Ms Karen Keating, Ms Trudie Lobban MBE.

ISO 13485:2003 Certified